Factors to consider when determining the correct folder grade for your application:

  • Capacity requirement of individual folders
  • The life of the record
  • The degree of activity
  • The way the material within the folder is organized and handled
  • The type of inactive storage available

Is security of information important to you?

If so, to protect against loss, add heat sealed fasteners to secure the documents into the folder

Is speed of retrieval and re-file important?

If so, use colour folders and / or a colour coded label to differentiate record types or filing methods – you can speed up your file and retrieval time by 50%! Determine the best form of filing system: Alpha, Numeric, or Terminal Digit

Is the record permanent?

If so, a pressboard folder will last the life of the record and retain its form and function – it also remains presentable

Will the record expand substantially over time?

If so, consider using an expandable folder or an expansion pocket. Expansion widths range from 1″ to 5.25″.

Position Chart for factory installed fasteners – Done in Calgary!