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Multi-Level storage is the ultimate solution for any warehouse, distribution centre, or large space that has a high ceiling. Go higher than before with a multi-level system! We’ll help you plan the most economical option that suits the way your business operated, whether it’s a catwalk installed between highrise shelving, a shelf-supported mezzanine, or a free-standing mezzanine. There’s virtually no limit to how efficiently you can use your untapped vertical space!


Multi-Level Catwalk Systems are economical, easily extend storage to a second level and expand the storage capacity of your lower level system. they provide load capacities to meet average industrial demands for medium and lightweight items in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Multi-level catwalk systems are designed to integrate perfectly with bar coding, robotic, and wire guided picking systems, and are perfect for storage of small to medium sized, non-palletized material. When your facility demands increased storage space, Multi-Level Catwalk Systems are a logical, cost effective choice.


Multi-Level Full-Mat Systems are a  favorite with automotive dealerships, distributors and warehouses that need to accommodate large items  with cumbersome and hard to store shapes and sizes. Multi-level Full-Mat systems require no post-to-post match-ups, thereby providing relatively unlimited shelving placement.


Free-standing second or third-level landings use large columns for support rather than shelving. nder most tax laws, Free-standing Mezzanines are considered equipment rather than structures, minimizing additional property taxes and allowing for equipment depreciation advantages. Each Borroughs Freestanding Mezzanine is custom designed to offer the best possible utilization of space. All systems are PE stamped to ensure system design integrity and structural safety.


A hybrid of Multi-Level Catwalk and Full-Mat Systems, provides the advantage of minimizing installation times and labor costs through the use of caps, which fit over post tops and eliminate the need for splices. In addition, the cap also functions as a face aisle beam, eliminating beams and brackets. not recommended for use in seismic Zones 3 and 4.


McLennan & Company designs each of these high rise systems exactly to your needs. Talk to one of our storage experts, we’ll ask you the right questions about your business, your stuff, and your vision. We’ll measure your space and leave the rest up to our experienced design teams who’ve tackled every size of project, and who take pride in offering the smartest and most economical way to best use your space.

In short- we take out all the guess work to make it a simple, confident decision for you.

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