A common concern our customers have is that they’ve already made the investment in shelving, perhaps even years ago, and it’s in great shape. But if you’re still short on floor space and need to add shelving or reduce the footprint of your existing shelving, Mizer can help!

Mizer Mobilization – How it Works

As you can see from this video, Mizer simply attaches carriages and crank handles to the bottom of shelving. So whether you have some, or need some, McLennan & Company can help you realize the profitability of your space by working with what you already have.


Combining New with Old

Additionally, if you need to add more to your existing stuff, McLennan & Company has a wide line of Tennsco shelving to fit any need, and it can be painted any colour to exactly match any previous shelf paint. Check out the Museum of the Highwood Case Study where McLennan & Company installed a Mizer Mobile under existing shelving, and added more new shelving to the system. The staff at the museum weren’t particularly concerned with matching the colours, so they chose in-stock product to expedite the project completion.

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