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Our colour-coded end tab filing & labeling systems, high quality filing products including expansion pockets, pressboard classification folders, coloured folders, manila folders, well file folders, fully integrated content management software solutions, colour coding labeling solutions (matching many different tab filing brands) and shelving/storage equipment can be found in file rooms throughout Edmonton, Alberta and across Canada.

Color Coding

Increased Efficiency

Through the use of color coding labels, colors are used to represent the first 3 letters of a name, the digits of a number, or a date. The colors form bands which enable you to see at a glance where a particular file is in the system.

Misfiles Virtually Eliminated

If a folder is misfiled, it immediately stands out because it breaks the color sequence. For example, if a file starting with a red “A” was filed in the green “B” section, the color break would be obvious. If, however, the misfile is not noticed right away, the missing folder can be easily found by looking at the system for a color break. Even from a distance!

Reduced Retrieval Time

Studies show that retrieval time is reduced from an average of 55 seconds to only 14 seconds through the use of color coding labels! That is a 75 drop! Combine this with the fact that over 75 of the cost of an average filing system is people related costs and it doesn’t take long to realize a substantial return on investment.

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A Full Range of Filing Supplies

With 10 colours available in our sturdy 14 point stock, our letter size or legal size side tab folders are a great way to organize your files. Order from our large inventory of filing supplies!

Organize your paper

Installed with a machine at 300 degrees and guaranteed for the life of your file, our heat sealed permaclip fasteners can be located anywhere in your file folder. Don’t lose any more paper!

Organize Your Files

Our end tab folders with colour coding labels applied keep you from losing or mis-filing your information. We have many filing accessories available such as red outguides to accommodate your individual filing requirements and to make your life easier!

Expandable File Pockets

Our end tab expansion pockets are available in letter size or legal size and come in many different expansion sizes and colours. Ideal for project files or when you just need to file a lot of paper!

Folders for Your Systems

  • File Folders
  • End Tab Pressboard
  • Well File Pockets
  • Top Tab Pressboard
  • Expansion Pockets
  • Medical Supplies
  • X-Ray Jackets
  • Guides
  • Fasteners
  • Self Adhesive Products