Foothills Hospital

The Foothills Hospital, one of Calgary’s busiest hospitals, needed a way to maximize space and cleanliness in their Infection Prevention and Control unit. As this is a high traffic hospital and these areas are used regularly throughout the day making these spaces easy to clean was paramount. The shelving would hold various samples used in treating patients in the hospital; as such any risk of contamination needed to be eliminated to ensure the best treatment was being provided.


University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan was undertaking renovations to improve their facility, and they needed to make the best use of the renewed space. The plan was to condense multiple laboratory storage rooms into a centralized location, making the storage more efficient, accessible, and more secure. The nature of what was being stored, lab supplies, tools, gear, and more, demanded that any mobile system have controlled speed and compacted aisle size.


Alberta South Health Campus

The Alberta South Health Campus is located in the brand new, under construction facility in South Calgary. It’s a leading edge facility with the latest technologies, including unique healing environments and progressive environmental design. Part of the environmental goals entail that the best use of storage space is imperative throughout the facility. Any space that can be saved during construction can significantly impact their budget, and long term cost of maintenance and utilities.


Foot Clinic Losing Supplies

A private pediatric medical clinic was experiencing loss of supplies from their treatment rooms. Valuable time was being spent during patient treatments trying to find missing items, leading to disorganization, wasted employee time, and ultimately costing the clinic money.


George Washington University Hospital Library

The George Washington University Hospital admits nearly twelve thousand patients each year, and every patient is entitled to confidentiality. The hospital required a storage system that would follow their strict privacy guidelines in a limited space; with growing in-patient and out-patient records, analysis charts, admission folders, and various other medical documentations. All these were kept in end-tab files and on CD-ROMs in the Health Management Department. Space in the new storage area was simply not adequate for rotary style shelving, and mobile shelving was not an option.


Health Care Provider

When strict privacy laws came into effect, an Alberta health care facility was forced to evaluate their current Mizer compact filing system. The new legislation meant that all files had to be secured 24/7. Although the files were supervised as much as possible, they were accessible by both staff and patients; and the gaps in supervision created two major problems. Losing a file could seriously endanger patient health, or cause a leak of private information. Either of these problems could also create devastating legal troubles for the facility. Increasing supervision for the area would require additional staff, increasing operational costs.


Pharmaceutical Storage Solutions

With steady advancements in medical research, new, more specific prescription drugs are developing faster than ever before. Although the variety and volume of drugs has increased, many pharmacies have not expanded to keep up with the demand- in fact, many have contracted as other departments become prioritized. As space becomes limited, compromises must be made. The importance of keeping pharmacies organized cannot be understated- ensuring the correct prescriptions are filled can be a matter of life and death.