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About Mezzanines

McLennan & Company’ mezzanines are free-standing steel structures that are a great way to create usable space in high ceiling areas where floor space is already maxed. Mezzanines essentially create a second floor within your space without changing zoning requirements. Every Mezzanine from McLennan & Company is constructed according to your site dimensions, weight capacity requirements, and aesthetic preferences.

Our experienced team is able to provide engineered stamped drawings, and permitting support. and all our systems are built to international building codes so you have the peace of mind that it’s a strong, safe, and robust system for years to come.

So what makes McLennan & Company Mezzanines better than the rest?

  • Are powder coated for the most durable, long lasting and great looking finish
  • Have clean shapes that look great in showrooms and public areas as well as warehouses or work areas
  • Have hidden fasteners ensure a clean, complete look
  • Use beam to column connections (no extra supports that cut down on overhead clearance and clutter appearance)
  • Use joist to stringer connections
  • Have no fasteners in shear (No chance of slipping off support columns)
  • Are custom designed to meet exact requirements and are professionally measured by Cubic Designs
  • Are competitively priced because of the volume produced

Build with McLennan & Company and experience the benefits our customers have come to expect:

  • Professionally engineered to ensure sound design for strength and safety
  • Attention to appearance and details
  • Custom mezzanine systems at a competitive economical price
  • Consistency and reliability

Let us create a structural mezzanine that fits the way you work. Trust McLennan & Company for the perfect fit!

Industrial Mezzanines that fit any application

McLennan & Company’ steel mezzanines are custom designed with CAD technology and backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty. All mezzanine drawings and calculations are stamped by an on-staff, licensed professional engineer to assure the customer of total safety and structural integrity. We cover all the details – from determining application needs and onsite measurements to complete mezzanine design, fabrication and installation.

We offer a range of proven steel mezzanine designs:

•  Wide span bar joist systems
•  High-strength moment connection systems designed for Seismic Zone 3 and Zone 4
•  All of our mezzanines meet IBC, UBC & BOCA codes, AISC & ASTM standards and OSHA requirements

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