Tough and long lasting, for everyday use.

Perfect for the storing of bulky materials, these expansion pockets (also known as accordion files) are heavy duty, quality storage solutions. Each category comes in a number of expansion sizes and are made with quality five piece construction including rivets to reinforce the gusset reducing possible tears. Our accordion style expansion folders  have been manufactured with full Tyvek siding, in a 5 piece construction. This combined with actual steel rivets embedded within the sides of the Pocket Folder makes for an extremely durable commodity within your work place. This sturdy construction makes these files ideal for every day use, or the long term storage of inactive files.

What is Tyvek?

Tyvek is a brand of flash spun high-density polyethylene fibres. The material is waterproof and nearly impossible to tear. You can find Tyvek in many applications, including:

  • House Wraps
  • Car Covers
  • Our Expansion Pockets