Project Description

The Challenge

The University of Saskatchewan was undertaking renovations to improve their facility, and they needed to make the best use of the renewed space. The plan was to condense multiple laboratory storage rooms into a centralized location, making the storage more efficient, accessible, and more secure. The nature of what was being stored, lab supplies, tools, gear, and more, demanded that any mobile system have controlled speed and compacted aisle size.

The Solution

McLennan & Company offered the best electronic mobile shelving system on the market. A mechanical system might have had a lower up front price, but with safeguarding being a major priority, Aisle-Saver’s exclusive soft-start and soft-stop technology made it the perfect fit. The system was programmed to stop well before touching the adjacent carriages, so potential damage to oversize items was eliminated. The state of the art system offers the best of touch controls, security and safety programming, and compact storage in one.