Project Description

The Challenge

Focused on increasing service revenue, a major Canadian agricultural and construction equipment supplier was searching for incremental gains in efficiency. In many branches, years of growth had led to over crowded and disorganized tool rooms; this resulted in lost time searching for tools (non-billable time), improperly stored tools being damaged and having tools stored in more than one location causing extended searches. Reorganizing the tool rooms to speed retrieval time, eliminate damaged tools and to hold more volume was important. But the critical goal, was to increase billable hours per technician per day.

The Solution

A storage expert from McLennan & Company was asked to help find and implement a solution. The McLennan & Company’ industrial Storage specialist surveyed the tool rooms at each location, had discussions with each service manager on how they organized their department’s tools and watched the technicians at work. Based on that information, McLennan & Company helped formulate a Best Solution scenario. Large (cased tool sets), small hand tools, hanging tools, service manuals and speciality tools; they all needed to be included. It was decided that a combination of rack, shelves, sub-dividable drawers, steel peg boards, and Mizer (compacted) hanging grid wall was the complete solution. Cleaner organization, capacity growth, increased retrieval speed and tool protection were all achieved with the solutions from McLennan & Company. Results – more efficient technicians.