Project Description

The Challenge

Shaw Communications in Calgary needed to address security concerns in two areas of their Hopewell location. In the first area, their internal IT teams require secure access to expensive tools and equipment. With various teams having the same access to inventory, tracking had become difficult. Additionally, in Shaw’s busy warehouse they often have suppliers, visitors, and sometimes unauthorized personnel enter the warehouse. This created the risk of unauthorized access to inventory. It was an obvious security risk that Shaw needed to eliminate.

The Solution

oothills Systems designed and installed wire mesh lockers and riveted shelving to secure and store the expensive equipment for the IT teams. The cage-style lockers are inside a ID card access room, eliminating unauthorized access and controlling which teams could retrieve which inventory. A secure driver cage was installed in the warehouse as well, with two points of access– a locked larger dutch door which includes a surface for paperwork, and a card access door to the warehouse for staff with authorized access. With these wire mesh lockers & riveted shelving solutions, the IT teams now have organized, controlled and secured access to their expensive tools and equipment, and the warehouse is secured from unauthorized access.