Project Description

Specialized Storage Rack systems are designed to handle unique sizes and shapes.

Specialized storage rack is used for items that won’t fit on traditional selective pallet rack or needs to be readily accessible. Pipes or lumber, large articles, casting dies, reels or extremely heavy items are some examples of when specialized storage rack systems are required and Ridg-U-Rak has a full line of specialized rack products to fill your need.

Roll-Out Shelf Racks

Roll-out Shelf Storage Racks extend to 100% of their depth for total access to stored items. The new “V” roller shelf guide mechanism improves drawer operation for retrieving heavy loads. Many sizes and options are available for this style of storage rack system.

Cantilever Storage Racks

Cantilever Storage Rack Systems use arms that extend from the towers allowing unobstructed, frontal access to items. Materials of varying lengths can be stored.

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