Project Description

The Challenge

Okotoks Public Library had previously installed a mobile system to address their storage woes, but already the mobile system was maxed out. They had no additional space to assign storage to, unless they could add on to the system itself. As their collection grew, they required more shelf space in the public area of the library as well. Could they find an add on to the mobile that matched the current system? Could they afford to do everything at one time?

The Solution

McLennan & Company recommended an add on to the original system that melded seamlessly to increase the capacity of their small storage room, exactly matching the shelving colour and functionality. They added matching shelving units to the public area, and repurposed existing end panels, eliminating the need to purchase new ones. They also added a Gaylord Cafe table by a window that has proven to be very popular. McLennan & Company worked with the Okotoks Public Library to address their needs in phases, allowing them to stay within their budget and chip away at their ultimate goal.