Project Description

The Challenge

Adam, the owner of MAXgreen, was experiencing growth at his window and door company as word of mouth spread about the high quality of his service and installations. He required more storage so he could house more inventory and take control of his installation timelines. This would allow MAXgreen to refine their schedule and deliver solutions in the timely manner that their customers had come to expect. With every project being different, Adam needed a super flexible storage option that would house varying sizes of windows and doors, and protect them from tipping, twisting, and breakage. He needed a heavy duty and reliable storage solution.

The Solution

Adam called the experts at McLennan & Company because he knew he needed a solution, but wasn’t sure what it might look like. A Pallet Racking solution was devised between Adam and McLennan & Company, that was deep enough to allow them to lean oversized products against uprights while minimizing twisting of the product to eliminate breakage. Beams were installed at eight and ten foot heights to stabilize the uprights, allowing for maximum clearance for tall products and offering potential storage expansion above. The result is a cost-effective storage capacity expansion that allows MAXgreen to inventory more product, control their installation timelines, and ultimately continue delivering the services that they’ve built their excellent reputation around.

“Chris provided excellent service all the way from the initial design stage through to post-completion follow up. (…) I would recommend them to anybody.” – Adam, MAXgreen Windows and Doors Ltd.”