Project Description

The Challenge

Trevor at Longhorn Casing Tools has a great challenge– his business is growing! Their proprietary technologies have enhanced their capabilities, making them the preferred supplier of casing, tubing, and coil tubing solutions. The growth Longhorn is experiencing has kept them busy and their warehouse full. In fact, to keep up with the demand of their clients they required additional storage space to keep workflow and access to inventory as smooth and efficient as possible.

The Solution

McLennan & Company had the perfect solution. Working closely with Trevor and his team, Foothills recommended a pallet racking system with decking that would confidently and efficiently store their casing and tools. Wire decking was included to allow Longhorn to store non-palletized tools and supplies, as well as acting as a safeguard to prevent the consequences of misloaded pallets. The new racking system allows Longhorn to store more of their inventory by making use of their vertical space, and ensures that they will continue to be able to meet the demands of their growing business.

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“From the start of the plans, to the installation, everything was completed on a timely manner. Expected delivery and installation was right on schedule. Professional quality and service on all ends. When the time comes to expand our storage needs again, McLennan & Company will be on the top of our list.”
– Ken Zilka, Longhorn Casing Tools