Project Description

The Challenge

Most of us have heard the expression “Change is inevitable, progress is optional”. Ron Gillies, Head Librarian at the Lloydminster Public Library, needed a progressive solution for his problem. The library was no longer just a collection of books and a place to study; it had become a community learning centre for multicultural connections, collaboration, digital enlightenment, creation, imagination and discovery. A place for exchanging ideas and information, not just finding them. To embrace all these aspirations, he needed more space – but on a very tight budget expansion was not an option.

The Solution

McLennan & Company’ library expert consulted with Ron and management regarding their space limitations, operations and possible solutions. A Mizer Compact Shelving System was determined to be the best solution for the creation of more usable space. By compacting the existing book stacks (to keep the budget at a minimum) and by eliminating wasted aisle space, they could consolidate a large portion of their collection into a minimal footprint. This newly created open space was then repurposed for community uses.

Staff mentioned that some first-time users, especially senior citizens, were a bit nervous about rolling the shelving to access books; but once they were shown how easily it moved and how safe it was, they agreed it was a great space creating idea. Mizer compact shelving was the perfect solution for the Lloydminster Public Library.