Project Description

The Challenge

A national law firm was planning a major move, and required filing cabinets for their records. They contacted us to place a simple order of traditional cabinets, which was a viable solution for them in the short term. When a McLennan & Company consultant began looking at their long term needs, they realised the space these cabinets would occupy was very wasteful, and left almost no room for future growth.

The Solution

Mizer Mobile Shelving was the ultimate solution. Mizer mobiles contribute directly to sustainable building sizes by making the most efficient use of space, and of particular interest to Imaginea is the fact that Mizer is manufactured in Calgary AB, where the Imaginea office resides. This close proximity eliminated wasteful transportation costs – both monetary and environmental. Our storage expert consulted with Imaginea and engineers to ensure our system would be supported by the floors in the building, and ultimately the system was split to evenly distribute the weight confidently. In the intermediate space a collaboration and meditation area was the perfect bridge for employees to unwind or access and work with their files. Imaginea increased their capacity safely, intelligently, and in an environmentally friendly way with Mizer Mobile Systems.