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McLennan & Company supplies top-quality steel and stainless steel cabinets, casework, and fume hoods found in medical, educational, governmental, and industrial laboratory applications in Calgary and Alberta. We specialize in unique space and furniture challenges, and along with our trusted partners, have a can-do attitude towards every size and scope of lab project.

This laboratory casework and equipment is best planned according to your space and requirements, and it’s modular construction allows for easy re-configurations before and after your installation, and a simple way to ensure your lab can evolve with any changing needs that may arise.

McLennan & Company’ lab casework support team includes:

  • Furniture Specialists to coordinate the most logical and cost effective layout to your lab.
  • Project Estimators to provide a comprehensive estimate of your laboratory needs and project costs.
  • Design Specialists to create CAD plan and elevation drawings maximizing available space and complying with established safety stan­dards.
  • Project Managers to oversee your project from start to finish.
  • Factory Trained Installers to deliver a complete trouble free finish to your project.

InStock Program

Our INSTOCK program sets McLennan & Company apart, with access to great products for a complete laboratory within 2 weeks from the manufacturing facility’s extensive inventory. These quick ship items include:

  • Stainless Steel & Painted Lab Casework Cabinets
  • Laboratory Chemical Fume Hoods
  • Flexible Lab Furniture
  • Healthcare Lab Furnishings
  • Laboratory Work Surfaces


Overlay Style Laboratory Casework

Designed to accommodate unparalleled flexibility in laboratory design, the user-customizable, modular construction of Dimension casework adds variety to our tradition of unsurpassed function and style. With Dimension Series casework, you can make field changes easily, even for drawer and cabinet facings, And the elegance of the overlay style contributes to the attractiveness and overall aesthetic to your laboratory environment.

Flush Laboratory Casework

McLennan & Company’ lab casework is among the finest available with a wide array of styles, construction and colors. Choose painted steel, stainless, flush or overlay construction. Choose metal or wood drawer or cabinet fronts. Select one or several colors to add distinction to your installation. We can even accommodate custom colors.

S-Series and P-Series flush casework sets the standard for safety and durability in showplace laboratories.

For the ultimate in flexibility, select Dimension Series casework, our modular, use-customizable laboratory casework that changes to meet your needs.

Fume Hoods

Laboratory Fume hoods from McLennan & Company combine the newest innovations in fume hood design with accepted architectural practices to achieve the most unique approach to fume containment in the world. Many of our standard features cannot be found on other fume hoods, but the most outstanding attribute is unsurpassed safety by providing unsurpassed containment. We supply specialty and oversized fume hoods. Describe your requirements, and we’ll maximize your laboratory.

Work Surfaces

McLennan & Company offers a variety of standard or custom stainless steel work surface, with or without sink bowls. Our surfaces are constructed in type 304 or 316 stainless and a range of countertop materials including Epoxy (for sinks and surfaces), Phenolic resin, Corian, Wood (butcher block), Plastic laminate, Plastic laminate, chemical resistant, and Impregnated sandstone

Sinks & Fixtures

McLennan & Company offers a wide range of sinks and fixtures to meet your needs. Our sinks include stainless steel welded and drop in and epoxy molded or undermount sinks.

Our fixtures include Water faucets, safety showers and shower heads, air and gas hose outlets, eye washes, drying racks, stands, and much more.

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