Project Description

The Challenge

Global Training had experienced growth at their facility near Strathmore east of Calgary, as their safety training reputation gained recognition in the Oil and Gas industry. Their new facility is outfitted with beautiful designs, creating a welcoming work environment that communicates the core values of the company. They needed a storage system for their active, and archived files, and they needed the active files stored in the least amount of finished space as possible. The archived files would be stored in boxes in their warehouse facility, so the shelving had to be economical and strong.

The Solution

McLennan & Company designed a Mizer Mobile system for the active files in the office, and a riveted shelving system in their warehouse for the archived files. The Mizer system mobilized file shelving to compact the storage footprint as much as possible. The system was finished with colours that create contrast, and compliment the palette of the décor. Locking ergonomic handles restrict access to management and other authorized personnel, adding an element of privacy and security. The riveted shelving for the file archives was planned to be as economical as possible as it was installed in a warehouse setting without the aesthetic needs. All Global Training’s capacity, budget, and aesthetic needs were met by these storage systems.