Project Description

The Challenge

Located in the heart of the Rockies, Cranbrook Public Library is a hub of education, entertainment, and community. When it was time for Librarian Ursula Brigl to think about updating the Library, she reached out to McLennan & Company to channel her vision. How could she bring her ideal Library to life within her budget, and on time?

The Solution

From the planning stages, our Library Specialist, focused on Ursula’s goals and vision. To compliment her ideas, he drew on his experience from past projects to uncover some hidden opportunities. Of course, being a hub for community activity, the vision was to be patron centric- but what about workflow for staff? Could they be more efficient and productive with a working layout? Could the layout of the space help to drive circulation? Cranbrook Public Library was planned with these goals, objectives, and principles in mind, while being finished with beautiful contemporary wood, inviting lounge spaces, and a light, open atmosphere.