Project Description

The Challenge

The City of Calgary Corporate Security is part of the Law Department of the municipality. Sensitive information must be kept strictly confidential, but the space they had dedicated to filing was running out as the department and operations grew. A mobile file storage system was considered, but the sensitive documents inside demanded the system would meet Federal Security & Fire Protection Design requirements? Could access be restricted while still allowing water to flow in to meet code? Was mobilizing the files even possible?

The Solution

McLennan & Company worked closely with city staff to envision a secure system that met the fire code. The Mizer production manager then engineered a system that included locking flanges on the front of the system, and grated flanges along the top to eliminate access when locked, yet allow water to penetrate for compliance. The system saved 33% of the floor space by reducing the number of access aisles from three to one, and the decking was carpeted to match the floors. The staff tenderly refer to the system as “Fort Knox”- it is 100% secure, efficient, organized, while still offering controlled access.