Project Description

The Challenge

When the bottom fell out of the oil business at the end of 2014, Rocky Mountain Equipment needed to amalgamate Three (3) southern Alberta locations into Two (2) existing facilities to reduce overhead. The parts departments of the two existing facilities were already filled to overflowing; how to add 50% more capacity to each location was unimaginable. Expanding the target buildings was not an option, and to top it off, they needed to keep operating as the amalgamation took place to support their valued clients. A creative solution was imperative.

The Solution

McLennan & Company’ industrial storage expert consulted with management regarding their space, operations and possible solutions. A Mizer Compact Shelving System was determined to be the best solution for the inventory stored and the available building area. By compacting the shelving and eliminating wasted aisle space, they increased the storage capacity of the existing footprint by a whopping 120%, while still providing multiple staff easy access to all material. Amalgamating the businesses, repurposing the existing shelving and causing a minimal disruption to the ongoing business was the perfect solution for Rocky Mountain Equipment.