L & T Library Shelving system

L & T library shelving utilizes a double walled construction for its uprights. This allows the books to sit on the shelf from end to end without them hiding behind the upright. With adjustable shelves and flexible unit dimensions L & T Library Shelving is an economical but attractive library storage solution.

Cantilever Shelving system

McLennan & Company library shelving has set the standard in the industry for cantilever style library book stacks. Cantilever shelving has found homes in some of the largest public, university, government and school libraries. A wide array of accessories allows books, catalogs, manuals and media of all sizes to be stored most effectively.

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Maximize Your Library’s Capacity

Four Post Library Shelving

Whether for a small law library or a large university, McLennan & Company’s unique four post library shelving will save space and increase capacity. Every time!

Organize your Library

Our library shelving will accommodate any size book or publication with our adjustable shelves, flexible sizes and library storage accessories.