Need to know more about our solutions?

McLennan & Company offers free lunch and learns and one-on-one learning sessions to equip you with the information you need about our products, so you can plan efficient, effective, and sustainable storage solutions for your clients. Here’s how a typical lunch and learn from McLennan & Company works:

  • We bring the food

    You bring the appetite! We’re always looking for deliciously different lunch options to give you a break from the boring old soups and sandwiches. The lunch alone could be worth it!

  • It’s a casual setting

    The best learning happens when it’s organic and driven by real questions- so stop us anytime, ask any questions, and be part of the conversation if you like.

  • The learning session is engaging

    Nobody wants to read a bunch of text off of a PowerPoint… or hear someone read off a PowerPoint. We’re focused more on how the products look and perform in real life scenarios, and teaching you about the differences with our products and expertise. We promise not to read from a PowerPoint!

  • We reward you for learning

    Without disclosing too much, we instantly reward you when you soak up the info we’re giving you… so stay sharp!

  • We stay on schedule

    We know you’ve given us a specific window of time, and we respect that. We make every effort to finish within that time, and offer additional learning for anyone who needs to know more afterwards.

Architects & Designer Reveiws

Very engaging & makes storage sound interesting.
Dola O. HOK
I only got facts & when compared to other products all the information was handed to us instead of just trying to sell McLennan & Company.
Ashley L. Ferrari , Westwood Babits Architects
Both Victoria and Janelle provided information relevant to our firm’s scope of work. They were able to answer all the questions plus provide additional information. They stayed within the hour time frame without it being too rushed or too slow. All and all, very professional and personable. Job well done!
The content was made very interesting and communicated in a manner that was easy to understand by both our junior as well as senior staff.
John L. , HFKS Architects
I really enjoyed the organic flow of the conversations during the lunch and learn.
Nina G.
It was a very informative presentation of your product lines and the support you offer to designers and clients. Thank you.