Box Edge Plus – One Storage System, Multiple Solutions

The wide offering of Box Edge Plus posts, shelves, components and accessories combine to accommodate a broad range of small or heavyweight storage items. Configure Box Edge Plus clip-type shelving components to meet your needs: maximize your cubic volume capacity and efficients store small items with high-density drawer systems; improve inventory access and picking efficiency with shelves, dividers and bin fronts; enhance security and protect stored items with closed-type units or cabinets.

Rivet Span – Economical and Versatile

A unit consists of posts, horizontal beams and wood decking. A variety of beams are available to accommodate a wide range of loads…and in spans and depths wider and greater than conventional shelving. Beams have high strength shoulder rivets that engage double keyhole post slots to form a strong and rigid unit. All components are (no left or rights, fronts or backs). With the hassle of nuts, bolts, clips or cross braces, Rivet-Span installation is quick and easy.

Pallet Racking

McLennan & Company Pallet Racking provides the widest range of flexibility for your pallet and heavy-duty storage needs. Stocking vertically and horizontally maximizes available space without crushing inventory, while having the ability to access each individual load. McLennan & Company Pallet Racking installs quickly without tools and re-adjusts easily for specific applications.

  • 100% Selectivity
  • Easy picking for lower levels
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Organize Your Warehouse or Facility

High Density Parts Drawers

McLennan & Company’s high density parts drawers with adjustable dividers are perfect for organizing and storing small parts or hardware for quick access.

Automotive Parts Rooms

With strong, adjustable shelves, flexible sizes and two tone colour choices, our automotive shelving is the right fit for your automotive or repair facility.

Bankers Box Shelving

McLennan & Company’s unique file box storage shelving can accommodate a large quantity of archive boxes for a minimum investment. Sturdy and economical!

Attractive and Versatile

McLennan & Company’s storage shelving comes in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes for any storage room and budget.

Pallet Racking

Go big or go small. Our pallet racking systems are a must for any size warehouse or storage facility.