City of Medicine Hat

The City of Medicine Hat had three collections, Museum, Archives, and Art, that they needed to store in a single location. The facility that was allocated to this did not have the square feet to house the shelving required. There were no viable expansion options, and the collections continued to grow. The artefacts, antiques, and old documents, were valuable pieces of the city’s heritage and had to be stored as safely as possible.


École Racette

When École Racette in St. Paul was undergoing a renovation, they knew they had to maximize capacities for four storage rooms: Gym, Band, Textbook, and the Staff work room. They wanted to have everything organized to streamline workflow, control access, and safely store equipment. Ideally they would have some versatility so they could re-configure the systems as needed, while having a complete and finished look.


Major General Griesbach

When the Major General Griesbach School was being built, they installed mill worked shelves for the new gymnasium storage. They thought it would provide sufficient space for their sports equipment but when it came time to use the storage, they found it simply wasn’t enough and they didn’t have clearance to fit their ball bins in underneath. Overall it fell short of their needs. They were already jammed for space, and they knew they had to address it to ensure safe, speedy and efficient access. They needed something compact and versatile.


Gym Storage

A Southern Alberta high school was out of space for their sports equipment in the gymnasium. The overflow of equipment was posing a significant safety risk to staff and students, and the disorganization made access extremely inefficient, wasting valuable learning time. The storage room had nowhere to expand, and re-purposing another room was out of the question as space was at a premium already.


The Source Skate & Snow

The Source Skate and Snowboards in Calgary was opening an exciting new flagship store on 11th Ave, a prime retail location in the heart of the city. A primary focus for this store was to have the biggest in-stock selection of the hottest shoes, snowboard boots, bindings, and helmets for their customers. Dave, the owner, knew he had to have as large a retail floor as possible, which meant the most efficient use of space in the stock rooms was of the utmost importance.


Home Hardware Mezzanine

Home Hardware in Lethbridge, Alberta reached out to McLennan & Company when they began growing at a faster rate than their building could handle. With warehouse space limited at their prized location, demand was becoming challenging to keep up with. More space was required to continue to offer their customers what they had come to expect: inventory of everything they wanted at the location they had come to trust. Home Hardware knew it was time to act, to ensure their customers received the best experience possible.


Husqvarna Calgary

When Husqvarna opened a new location in Calgary, they contacted McLennan & Company to supply shelving and racking to their warehouse. A Storage Expert from McLennan & Company met with the owner, Shawn, and asked questions about how the new location would operate. Shawn explained how they needed to control inventory and create a secure area for contractors and visitors to enter the building. Shawn needed some areas picked and loaded by forklift, others to store tiny nuts, bolts and other inventory, and they had a little of everything in between.


Environmental Consulting

A local environmental consulting firm had moved into a new building in Calgary’s upstart Quarry Park commercial neighbourhood. They required a storage solution for their service vehicle bays. The variety of what they needed to store posed a challenge: could one system store work equipment, tools, supplies, hard hats, coveralls, boots, and tires for snow and summer? Some of the tools were valuable and posed a shrinkage risk, while other materials posed safety risks to employees. They needed to organize to eliminate tripping hazards, store their stuff, and keep enough space for two work vehicles to be in the bay at once.


More Snow Tires, More Sales

Every winter, an automotive dealership faces the same problem. They have to stock enough winter tires for the first snowfall of the year, or they miss out on a very profitable season because they simply can’t meet demand. They had limited space, and expanding the storage area was far too costly. Storing off site didn’t provide the accessibility their customers wanted, and affected their installation workflow.


University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan was undertaking renovations to improve their facility, and they needed to make the best use of the renewed space. The plan was to condense multiple laboratory storage rooms into a centralized location, making the storage more efficient, accessible, and more secure. The nature of what was being stored, lab supplies, tools, gear, and more, demanded that any mobile system have controlled speed and compacted aisle size.


Global Training Expansion

Global Training had experienced growth at their facility near Strathmore east of Calgary, as their safety training reputation gained recognition in the Oil and Gas industry. Their new facility is outfitted with beautiful designs, creating a welcoming work environment that communicates the core values of the company. They needed a storage system for their active, and archived files, and they needed the active files stored in the least amount of finished space as possible. The archived files would be stored in boxes in their warehouse facility, so the shelving had to be economical and strong.


Shaw Security Cages

Shaw Communications in Calgary needed to address security concerns in two areas of their Hopewell location. In the first area, their internal IT teams require secure access to expensive tools and equipment. With various teams having the same access to inventory, tracking had become difficult. Additionally, in Shaw’s busy warehouse they often have suppliers, visitors, and sometimes unauthorized personnel enter the warehouse. This created the risk of unauthorized access to inventory. It was an obvious security risk that Shaw needed to eliminate.