Okotoks Public Library

Okotoks Public Library had previously installed a mobile system to address their storage woes, but already the mobile system was maxed out. They had no additional space to assign storage to, unless they could add on to the system itself. As their collection grew, they required more shelf space in the public area of the library as well. Could they find an add on to the mobile that matched the current system? Could they afford to do everything at one time?


Central Alberta Auto

A central Alberta auto dealership needed more space to devote to profitable areas of their business like service and shop bays; however expansion was a costly venture that would eat up inventory space that was already at capacity. The sheer volume of parts and inventory was tough to control and access, creating a concern for security, inventory damage, and employee safety.


Western Law Firm

A Western Canadian law firm was moving to a new location and needed to maximize their filing in a high traffic area behind reception. They had no other on-site location that was suitable, and off-site storage would be costly, hinder workflow, and waste company time. Both employees and clients would pass by the cabinets, so security and aesthetics were important. The files were filled with sensitive information that, if mishandled or misplaced, would create serious risk to the firm.